Smoking During Pregnancy Risks

One of the most fragile stages in a woman’s life is the time when she is expecting a child. During a pregnancy, one can never be too careful about anything that is being done, or anything that is happening around at the time.

Certain forms of work are totally off limits for an expectant mother, as are some foods, the consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicant, and more importantly, refraining from smoking. The risks of smoking during pregnancy are known to almost everyone, but the need for nicotine in the system is so great, that a number of expectant mothers show total disregard for the health of their unborn children.


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Smoking While Pregnancy Risks

Smoking During Pregnancy Risks

Smoking during pregnancy risks are inclusive of the occurrence of miscarriages, still births, preterm deliveries and babies born with respiratory tract disorders and low birth weights. Women who smoke may also experience problems related to the placenta like placenta privea. The placenta, which provides nourishment to the developing fetus, tends to grow too close to the opening of the womb, which makes a caesarean delivery inevitable. Placental abruption and premature rupturing of the membranes are also common in women who smoke during pregnancy.

Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

Children, who are born to mothers who do not give up the habit of smoking during their pregnancies, are known to be born with lower birth weights and muscular mass. Because they are weak, these children will tend to develop respiratory disorders and are more likely to experience sudden infant death syndrome. Smoking also results in brain damage, disorders of the nervous system and poor mental abilities.

These children also have a tendency to face learning disorders and behavioral problems like hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. They may also have poor socializing skills.

In preparing yourself for a pregnancy, it is advised that the habit of smoking be given up a few months before trying to conceive. Doing so will help increase fertility and will have an overall beneficiary effect on the health of the mother and the child that she will give birth to. Staying nicotine free during the pregnancy will definitely help in strengthening your baby and allowing him or her to develop without any damage from the intoxication of harmful substances. Avoiding the risks associated with smoking during a pregnancy is not a difficult task, once an expectant mother realizes that the health of her child is of the utmost importance. A supportive partner, who kicks the habit of smoking while being around the expectant mother, can also be very beneficial to the health of their child

Smoking Risks When Pregnant
Smoking During Pregnancy Risks
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