Smoking During Pregnancy Causes

Submitted by Nick on January 31, 2012

Smoking during pregnancy is a very risky habit and is known to cause a number of complications that could lead to the loss of life. When a woman is expecting a child, she must realize the fragile state that she is in, and must take every possible caution to avoid any stimulant that could pose to be dangerous. The consumption of tobacco, through cigarettes can have devastating effects on the growth of a child and should be avoided at all costs. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar that affect the respiratory system of both, mother and the unborn child, and smoking during pregnancy causes a miscarriage.


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Effect Of Smoking When Pregnant

Some of the more alarming complications caused through smoking in pregnancy include the occurrence of placental abruption. When an expectant mother develops the complication of placental abruption, the placenta tends to detach itself from the uterine wall. The detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall causes a cessation in the supply of nutrients and fluids to the child, leading to a miscarriage.

Another common irregularity in the pregnancy that occurs if a mother continues to smoke is the occurrence of placenta privea. When placenta privea occurs, the placenta moves too close to the opening or the cervix and the mother is in danger of going into early labor. Sudden infant death syndrome is another complication that could plague your child if you continue to smoke during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and smoking can prove to be extremely harmful if they occur simultaneously, and it is best advised to any woman who smokes, that she quit smoking long before she tries to begin a family. Detoxifying the body through abstinence is not easy and a partner’s assistance in doing so would be of great help. Male counterparts who smoke are also advised to avoid doing so because of the fact that second hand smoke causes even greater damage. Nicotine patches and sticks of chewing gum allow you your daily dosage of nicotine, without the harmful smoke from the cigarettes. However, the most important motivational tool that will help you give up the habit of smoking during your pregnancy is the knowledge of the risk that you are putting your unborn child through. Once you are aware of the dangers of smoking during pregnancy, it will not be too difficult for either you or your partner to give up smoking during your pregnancy, and to continue to stay off nicotine after your delivery.

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