How To Prevent Causes & Symptoms of Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

Kidney infection usually begins due to the growth of bacteria in your urethra that travels through the urinary tract and ultimately affects the kidneys.

Kidney infection is very common and can occur in anyone, albeit pregnant women can be more prone to a kidney infection due to the following reasons:

Causes for Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

Physical changes and excessive secretion of certain hormones such as the progesterone during pregnancy can result in kidney infections.


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Causes for Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

  • The growing size of the uterus puts pressure on the urinary bladder, thereby restricting the flow of urine. This can lead to the infection of urinary tract and kidneys.
  • Some women are unable to empty their bladder completely, again due to the pressure on the ureter, and this can lead to kidney infections.

These are the most common causes of kidney infection during pregnancy. Sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to identify the symptoms of a kidney infection during pregnancy. The reason is that some of the symptoms of a kidney infection during pregnancy are identical to the symptoms generally seen in a normal pregnancy. The most common kidney infection symptoms during pregnancy are as follows:

Symptoms of Kidney Infection in Pregnancy

  • Frequent urge for urination, but inability to pass the urine completely. This happens due to pressure exerted on the bladder by the growing uterus.
  • Pain and burning sensation while urinating. This can cause severe discomfort to the pregnant women.
  • Change in color and smell of the urine. Sometimes, in case of severe infection, some traces of blood can also be seen in the urine.
  • Back pain in the waist region or lower back on both sides.

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Mild to high fever.

How to Prevent Kidney Infection in Pregnancy

For preventing kidney infection during pregnancy, you should do the following.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Do not stop the urge to urinate.
  • Keep your genitals clean and dry.

Like any other infection, kidney infections can also lead to some serious complications in pregnancy. Therefore, you must seek immediate medical infection if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms. Ignoring the ailment in the initial stages, may lead to hospitalization. Therefore, you need to take utmost care of not getting a kidney infection during pregnancy. One of the most dangerous effects of a kidney infection during pregnancy is that it can be fatal to your baby.

Kidney infection treatment during pregnancy also involves the administration of antibiotic drugs like any other bacterial infection. You should complete the course of antibiotics at the earliest as advised by your health care provider.

Kidney Infection When Pregnant
Kidney Infection During Pregnancy
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