Cervix Size During Pregnancy

The cervix which is known as the neck of the uterus is referred to as the lower, narrow part of the uterus. This is where the cervix meets with the higher part of the vagina. It is conical in shape or cylindrical in shape and it pushes up through the top vaginal wall. The doctor or nurse can view it with the proper medical equipment.

It is often called the "cervix uteri". Cervix in the Latin language means neck. Post a woman’s menstruation and when under the influence of that hormone called estrogen, the cervix will change a great deal in relation to its own position and its own texture. During most women’s menstrual cycle, normally the cervix will remain firm, and can be found to be positioned down low and totally closed.


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Open Cervix During Pregnancy

But, when the woman nears her ovulation period, then her cervix becomes softer, and will eventually rise and open when it starts responding to the raised levels of estrogen present at ovulation. When the woman gets pregnant the cervix will tend to rise and the cervix size during pregnancy will change. The cervix size pregnancy is now softer than normal. The size of cervix during pregnancy is one of the features that the doctors will check periodically. See also friable cervix

During the time the woman is not pregnant then the cervix could be low and firm.  Though not every woman has a high cervix in her pregnancy some cervixes can change texture too. Some women can feel their cervical changes earlier than others.  The cervix size can change regularly if the woman is pregnant or if she is not. It can change its cervical height and its cervical position when the woman is constipated or when she has relieved herself.

Cervical Position During Pregnancy

The cervical position is known to be one of the fertility signs, and is probably considered the most evasive one. The high cervix that occurs in late pregnancy is the sign that doctors look out for. There are various ways in which one can check the position of a woman’s cervix. This can be done by standing with the leg raised on the basin etc and gently inserting tow fingers into the vagina. The doctor will normally check the position of the cervix by making the woman lie down flat on her back with her knees raised. If the woman has given birth naturally before the resulting stretching can cause the opening to be more open. Thus the cervix sizes can differ for all women.

Cervix Size During Pregnancy
Cervix Size During Pregnancy
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