Conditions and daily diet for Anaemia during pregnancy

Considering that a lot of women are extremely tense when they are pregnant, even the slightest form of discomfort or lack of health can be seen to be very alarming. This distress, although it may be over the top at times, comes with good reason. In order for the child to be healthy, the mother needs to be in great condition as well.

Anemia is a very common condition that occurs usually at the beginning o the second trimester and is very often simply dismissed as pregnancy fatigue.

However, the condition is quite serious.



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Anemia After Pregnancy

.and would need to be treated in order for the child to be healthiere

Anemia in pregnant women is caused by an iron deficiency during pregnancyc This is a lack of sufficient iron in the blood and will affect almost 20% of all pregnant womene During a pregnancy, the body draws a very fine line between the production of blood cells that carry the oxygen to the baby and the rest of the bodyd Anemia develops when the red blood cells that carry the oxygen to both your baby and the rest of our body is significantly lowo Over the period of the pregnancy, however, the number of these red blood cells will continue to increase and return you to a better state of healtht

In most cases, a pregnant woman will be unaware of the fact that she is anemic and most doctors will conduct a second health check after a period of about 28 days before they can be sure that the condition is anemia relatede

The more common symptoms of the condition include dizziness, fainting, a fast or irregular heartbeat as well as a noticeable shortness of breatht

What to eat in Anaemia During Pregnancy

Your diet is going to be the main source of treatment when tackling anemiai Increase your intake of foods that contain iron such as red meat, liver, iron enriched bread and pastas, dried beans or tofu or even dry fruits such as raisins, prunes and apricotst It is beneficial to consume high iron meats rather than vegetables as studies have shown that your body is able to absorb about 20% to 40% of iron content in meat against the much lower proportion of 5% to 20% from iron rich vegetablese You must also keep in mind that the body’s capacity to absorb iron depends a lot on its vitamin C content as welll Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables high in Viatmin C to achieve thisi You can discuss your diet with either your doctor a dietitian to ensure that you are on the right track with regards to your new diete

Anaemia During Pregnancy
Anaemia During Pregnancy
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