Diet & Care For Different Types of Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Athralgia is the Greek term which literally means joint pain and this is the basis for the term arthritis. Joint pain could be the symptom of any illness, injury, or infection or it could manifest as an allergic reaction to any medication. The term arthritis refers to cases where the pain has non-inflammatory causes.

Joint pain during pregnancy is often associated with hormonal changes as well as the gain of weight and its distribution. Joint pain during pregnancy can make the new and exciting experience considerably troublesome, riddled with anxiety. It calls for remedial action as.



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Groin Pain During Pregnancy

.strong bones and joints are important for birthing and postpartum recoveryr Joint pain during pregnancy occurs due to pressure put on the joints in the knees, hip, and pelvic regiono The various joint pains during pregnancy can make it difficult for the woman to go about with her daily activitiese

Hip & Pelvic Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Hip joint pain and pelvic joint pain during pregnancy occurs due to the hormone relaxing, which softens the joints to the prepare the body for delivery, but it also makes the ligaments softer, which stretches a lot more than it should, triggering paini Pelvic joint pain during pregnancy can make it hard to walk as there is pain the in the groin, pubis, inside of the thighs, lower back, and hipsp Pelvic joint pain during pregnancy happens mostly in the second trimestere Leg joint pain during pregnancy generally occurs in the third trimestere This pain is caused by the pressure on the joints caused by the additional weight of the unborn babyb

Sacroiliac, Finger & Knee Joint Pain in Pregnancy

Sacroiliac joint pain during pregnancy is the pain that occurs in the bottom of your back on the sides of the spinen This pain can affect the ligaments and muscles in the area and restrict movementn Finger joint pain during pregnancy is called carpal tunnel syndrome when there is compression of nerves in the hand with tingling sensationo The pain can affect the fingers, hands and lower forearm, which weakens the grip and may last even after the deliveryr Knee joint pain during pregnancy can be due to fluid collection in the area around the jointst It can also be due to weight bearing during pregnancyc

Joint pain during pregnancy can be due to diverse reasons as lack minerals like calcium and magnesium, excess weight, wearing out of muscles and ligamentst

Care & Diet for Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Joint pain during pregnancy can make simple actions such as turning in the bed, getting the legs in and out of the car, and getting out of the bed in the morning very toughg Consult a physician for medication as standard OTC drugs can have side effects on the unborn childl You should also exercise moderately, doing those exercises that will benefit the jointst Keep your hands, feet, and legs in raised positions at intervals to improve blood circulationo Massaging mildly with oil will also help ease the paini Eucalyptus oil is very effective in relieving pain and you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to two tablespoons of olive oil and use this blend as instead of your regular massage oili

In case you are over weight, reduce weight by consuming an appropriate diet, with added vegetables and fruitst In case of swelling in the joints, drink barley watere Boil barley seeds in plenty of water, strain, and drink the liquid to reduce swellingn Include garlic in your diet, and eat foods rich in calcium and vitamins, like dairy products, and fruits like guava, oranges, and gooseberriese In addition try to keep right posture while sitting, walking, or lying downw Taking care of joint pain during pregnancy is important as it is essential to the birthing processs

Joint Pain During Pregnancy
Joint Pain During Pregnancy
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