Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction during Pregnancy

Symphysis pubic dysfunction is a condition associated with pregnancy. It is caused when one of the two halves of the pelvis moves to a greater extent as compared to the other half. Generally, the pelvic ligaments are sufficiently strengthened so that they do not move very easily.

However, in pregnancy, your body produces a hormone namely relaxin. Relaxin serves to soften the pelvic ligaments so that they can accommodate the baby and his/her movements. However, sometimes the pelvis grows or expands disproportionately, leading to immense discomfort in pregnant women.


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Symptoms of Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction in Pregnancy

Some of the common symptoms of symphysis pubic dysfunction in pregnancy are:

  • Symphysis pubic dysfunction might lead to extreme pain and inflammation in the pelvis, leading to a lot of discomfort while walking and moving your legs.
  • Pregnant women, who have been affected bysymphysis pubic dysfunction, may also suffer from severe backache, pain in the hips, and a grinding sensation in the pubic area.
  • Pregnant women suffering from symphysis pubic dysfunction may also suffer from sleeplessness and restlessness due to pain and discomfort in the pubic area, leading to trouble even separating the legs.

Symphysis pubic dysfunction is a severe problem in pregnancy as it creates immense uneasinessand distress. Also, if a woman suffers from symphysis pubic dysfunction during one pregnancy, it can be easily predicted that she will suffer from thiscondition in any subsequent pregnancies as well. Moreover, in subsequent pregnancies, Symphysis pubic dysfunction tends to start earlier and also progresses faster.

As mentioned, the ailment is caused by a hormone named relaxin. Relaxin is actually essential for easy delivery of the baby, but excessive secretion may cause troubles for the pregnant women.

As such, the cause of symphysis pubic dysfunction may be attributed to hyper secretion of the hormone, relaxin.

Remedies for Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction in Pregnancy

Some of the remedies to relieve symphysis pubic dysfunction are:

  • In order to support the loose pelvic girdle, pregnant women are advised to wear pelvic support belts.
  • Pregnant women are also recommended to practice pelvic tilts regularly, so as to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.
  • Pregnant women must also avoid heavy lifting and pushing.
  • Pregnant women must consume a diet without excessive condiments, soda, and alcohol.

In case the condition is severe in terms of pain and discomfort, you are recommended to consult your doctor. Doctors might give you pain relievers to alleviate the symptoms of symphysis pubic dysfunction, thereby easing your pregnancy.

SPD In Pregnancy
Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction During Pregnancy
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