Body Aches In Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very trying time for an expectant mother. The very fact that her body is about to change shape and size can cause her worry. The physical exertion involved with pregnancy and childbirth does not occur to her at first.

One of the frequent complaints of all expectant women is the occurrence of body aches during pregnancy. While expecting, there is a certain amount of pain experienced in the region of the lower back caused by the enlargement of the uterus to accommodate the growing child. However, full body aches during pregnancy are not uncommon and are primarily caused by the imbalance of hormones in the body.


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As time goes by, a woman has to bend backwards while walking, because her large stomach has caused a shift in the centre of gravity, and this leads to experiencing a certain amount of body ache as well.

Whole body aches during pregnancy can be rather troublesome and will make one feel extremely uncomfortable. There are a number of recommendations made with respect to relieving body aches during a pregnancy. Lying down and getting enough rest will allow you to stay off your feet and relieve the pain felt in the lower half of the body. Simultaneously, there is not much strain placed on the lower back because you are not in an upright position. Soaking is a warm bath is one of the best ways of relieving any body pain that you are experiencing, while also de stressing your body.

During your pregnancy, the immune system is weakened and there are a number of infections that can affect you. When you develop a fever, it is an indication that your body is fighting against an infection. Fever and body aches during pregnancy can really knock you out completely, and it is advisable that you get enough rest during this time. Body ache in pregnancy is expected and should not cause too much worry. Body aches during pregnancy symptoms are many, but none of these are indicative of major complications in pregnancy. Until and unless the body ache is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, there is no need to panic.

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Body Aches during Pregnancy
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