Vaginal Swelling In Pregnancy

There are a number of changes that a woman should expect during the course of her pregnancy. The physical and hormonal changes are innumerable, but each of these changes has visible effects.

Vaginal swelling during pregnancy is not uncommon; however, expectant mothers might get rather anxious about the condition.


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  • One of the reasons for the vagina swelling during pregnancy is due to bacterial infections like the yeast infection and candidiasis. These vaginal infections cause some amount of pain, foul odor and discharge.
  • During pregnancy, the flow of blood to the pelvic increases and might cause some amount of pain and swelling. If swollen vagina during pregnancy is due to this increased blood flow, then it is not too dangerous. Ensure that the mother to-be does not sit for long hours.

Vaginal Changes In Pregnancy

There are a number of vaginal changes during pregnancy that might discomfort the expectant mother. The lining of the vagina becomes thin and more sensitive. The vulva changes shape and size, depending upon the term of the pregnancy. There are ways to deal with this vaginal pain during pregnancy.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to wash out the toxins that may be causing swelling of the vagina during pregnancy.
  • Try natural methods of treating the condition before resorting to any kind of medication. This is safer and there are no side effects involved.

    Soak yourself in a warm bath, making sure that the lower half of your body is submerged in the water. This can help relieve swelling.
  • Always clean the vaginal area to stave off harmful bacteria from growing. One of the oldest recommended methods of dealing with fungal infections is by washing the affected area with a salt solution. Be careful not to allow any of the liquid to enter the vagina, but washing around the area will provide a certain amount of relief.
  • Eat foods that help boost the immune system. This will help maintain good health during pregnancy.

A swollen vagina in pregnancy can cause a woman a lot of anxiety. Expectant mothers should always remember to stay calm, in order to avoid any damage to the unborn child. If the swelling is accompanied by an itchy or burning sensation, you need to visit the gynecologist. Medication should be taken as per prescription; opting for OTC drugs can be dangerous.

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Vaginal Swelling during Pregnancy
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