Leucorrhea During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on October 19, 2012

Leucorrhea during pregnancy is a vaginal discharge which is a common occurrence in many women not just during pregnancy but at other times also. This is normal for women during their reproductive years and varies according to their menstrual cycle and hormonal levels. If the vaginal discharge is thick and cheese like or out of the ordinary then it could be because of a bacterial or yeast infection of the vagina or even a sexually transmitted one. Leukorrhea which is not accompanies by any other symptoms like burning and itching or inflammation in the area could be because of the hormonal changes in the body and not because of any infection.


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However, it is best to see a physician if the discharge is too much and let the doctor decide on the course of treatment.

Yellow Leucorrhea: After the sixth week of pregnancy the vagina and the surrounding area could get a bluish or violet tinge which is nothing to get alarmed about as it is because of the extra flow of blood to the area. This is normal and is one of the signs during the early stages of pregnancy which are visible.

The area may also be more painful than normally.

However, if there is yellow leucorrhea during pregnancy accompanied by irritation and itchiness or foul smell then there is the possibility of an infection and your doctor should be consulted. He will probably prescribe external creams or ointments which are safe to use during pregnancy.

Leucorrhea in Early Pregnancy: An increase in vaginal discharge is experienced during the first trimester of conception. Leucorrhea during early pregnancy is caused by the increased flow of blood to the muscles and skin around the vagina because of an increase in progesterone. This discharge which is of a thick and sticky consistency could be yellow or white in color and is odorless. The amount of discharge could increase during the second trimester and will lessen after the baby is born or during lactation. Most vaginal discharge usually disappears after menopause.

Leucorrhea Causes: Leucorrhea during pregnancy causes are hormonal changes and increased flow of blood to the vaginal areas, however, this could also indicate a uterine or vaginal infection and the actual cause will have to be diagnosed by the doctor. If the flow is too much and is causing discomfort, then wearing a panty lining or sanitary napkin would help. Avoid tampons or douching.

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