Tongue Sores During Pregnancy

The tongue is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and therefore, it is susceptible to several problems. Tongue sores are a very common condition affecting adults, as well as children around the world.

However, there are several women who are more susceptible to tongue sores during pregnancy.

Causes of Tongue Sores During Pregnancy

Even though health experts are not clear about what the exact causes for tongue sores are, there are several theories. It is believe that some of the most common causes of tongue sores in people include:


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  • Injury to the tongue, usually caused by a chipped or a broken tooth
  • Going through certain forms of dental treatment
  • Burning the tongue by swallowing hot liquids or foods
  • Using certain medication
  • Biting the tongue in error

Similarly, the exact causes of tongue sores during pregnancy are not very clear, but most health experts claim that the affliction could be caused by hormonal changes, stress, nutritional or vitamin deficiency and a weakened immune system. It is also possible for pregnant women to get tongue sores, as an indication of an infection or another serious medical condition. Therefore, all instances of tongue sores during pregnancy should be checked by a doctor, immediately.

Symptoms of Tongue Sores During Pregnancy

The first sigh of tongue sores is the appearance of lesions on the tongue. These lesions usually resemble blisters and may vary is size.

However, there are other symptoms that may also been experienced by people suffering from tongue sores. Given below are some of the most common symptoms of tongue sores during pregnancy:

  • Difficulty in talking or eating
  • Burning sensation on the tongue
  • Fever

Treatment of Tongue Sores During Pregnancy

In most cases, medical health care providers prescribe certain medication for the treatment of tongue sores. However, most such medicines should be strictly avoided by pregnant women, as they could lead to adverse side effects on the pregnancy, as well as the baby. Hence, the natural ways of treating tongue sores during pregnancy includes:

  • Gargling with salt water or a mild mouth wash solution
  • Finding ways to relax, like engaging in a hobby, meditating or practicing yoga
  • Getting the required amount of sleep and rest each day
  • Avoiding foods that are spicy or fried

There is a lot of information on handling tongue sores in pregnancy; however, it is best to consult a doctor for any queries in this regard.

Tongue Sores During Pregnancy
Tongue Sores During Pregnancy
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