What to Expect in Week 7 of Pregnancy?

(June 17, 2010)

What To Expect During Pregnancy Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of pregnancy. Want to know how your baby is doing and what developments will take place within you in this period of pregnancy? Well, in this week, your baby is as big as 13 mm in length and will weigh as large as a pea or a berry.

During week 7 of pregnancy, your baby’s facial features become more defined as compared to his/her body. If you examine ultrasound pictures closely, you may be able to notice a small mouth and also a tongue. The tongue may not be very prominent in this week though. The nasal pits may also be partially formed by this time.

However, in week 7 of pregnancy your baby’s eyes are fully formed and they have both the retina and lens attached. The important muscles of the body also start forming in your baby.  In this stage your baby starts producing its own blood. During this period of pregnancy, your baby also exhibits coordinated movements.

Your baby may still have webbed toes and fingers. However, do not panic as they will disappear soon. Your baby starts developing teeth at this stage while he/she is in your womb. Thin veins start showing from your baby’s skin. By this time your baby’s intestines and appendix are well formed and probably functional too. By now, your baby’s liver has started producing red blood cells and is fully functional as well.
During week 7 of pregnancy your baby is active and keeps swimming in the amniotic fluid. Your baby will also be busy kicking you like there’s no tomorrow.

While these are the changes that you can expect in your baby in pregnancy week 7, your body also undergoes tremendous changes.

•    By now, you may start getting a small paunch, indicating your pregnancy and your baby’s growth. You may not be able to fit in your old pair of jeans and other clothing which otherwise was quite comfortable.

•    By week 7 of pregnancy, your morning sickness may still continue. Expect some headaches and if you have been suffering from migraines, expect them either to get worse or better depending on your hormonal changes. Also, expect the nausea and fatigue to continue.

•    Expect to have some skin break-outs like acne or pimple in this stage due to the changing hormones.  Meditation and yoga can help you find some relief from these pregnancy discomforts.

By the time you complete week 7 of pregnancy, the discomforts will start subsiding on their own. Hence, do not panic and enjoy your pregnancy.  

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