Things To Expect During 39th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on August 14, 2012

Pregnancy is one of the most delightful and joyful experiences of a woman’s life. However, most women state that there are several unexpected changes and symptoms that their bodies go through right from the first trimester, till the final stages of pregnancy. A pregnancy is usually supposed to last for around 40 weeks, but several women deliver a week (or two) earlier. Therefore, women like to be prepared for the symptoms of labor that may be evident when they are in their 39th week. Therefore, most women are interested in what ...


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they may go through when they are 39 weeks pregnant and the things to expect.

39 weeks pregnant things to expect

Since this period is very close to the arrival time of the baby, there are several 39 weeks pregnant things to expect that you should be aware of. For starters, you may experience labor pains at any time now.

You need to get a lot of rest and pay attention to the baby’s movements as well as your body. You may feel some pressure in the lower abdominal area, which is the head of the baby, who should be in the birth canal by now. As your baby should be fully grown by now, you should not gain much weight during this week. Don’t be surprised if you see the “bloody show” or a plug of pinkish mucus. Another sign of being is labor could be breaking of the water bag.

39 weeks pregnant things to eat

It is possible for women to develop an aversion, or even a sudden craving for certain foods, during the last few weeks of pregnancy. However, it is important to continue eating healthy foods right till childbirth, as whatever you eat will be passed on to your baby. In fact, it is important to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and dairy products even after the baby is born, in case you plan to nurse the baby.

39 weeks pregnant things to wear

During the final stages of pregnancy, women usually experience difficulty in moving around comfortably. Hence, it is important to wear loose fitting clothes, preferably made out of cotton, or other breathable fabrics, that can allow you to move and breathe comfortably. Inner wear made out of synthetic material could lead to itching and skin irritation. Therefore, it is best to choose plain and simple fabrics, instead of fancy ones.

There are several online resources as well as pregnancy books that give a woman a lot of information on being 39 weeks pregnant and things to expect. Several women also prefer consulting their health care providers for more details on 39 weeks pregnant stuff to expect.

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