Bleeding at 5th week of pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 24, 2012

The process of pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg implants itself on the wall of the uterus. Until this time, it cannot be said that the woman is pregnant. Once implantation occurs, the thick and rich lining of the uterus will begin to feed the fertilized egg as it develops into a fetus. Once this development takes place, the baby will become recognizable in various imaging scans that may be taken. The fifth week of pregnancy is towards the middle part of the first trimester. At this stage, the woman may experience certain symptoms such as morning sickness.


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Bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant is something that may occur but it need not be a cause for anxiety. However, it is a situation where the mother should visit her doctor for a checkup. Implantation bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant cannot occur as the process of implantation occurs within the first 2 weeks of the egg being fertilized in the woman’s body.

It is possible that there may be bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant with no pain and the doctor may suggest that the woman rest for a few weeks to ensure that there are no further complications. However, any bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant accompanied by pain is a sign that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. First time mothers may be more afraid at this stage as they will have never experienced such a situation. A visit to the doctor is mandatory when one experiences bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant.

Heavy bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant may indicate that the woman is undergoing a miscarriage. This painful and emotionally distressing event can lead to the woman feeling depressed and unhappy. However, it should be understood that the body may spontaneously abort the fetus if there is some abnormality detected in it. This is a natural protection mechanism to ensure that there is reduced danger to the mother if an abnormal pregnancy has been detected. Usually, heavy bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant is accompanied by pain so it is not possible that the woman will leave this alone and treat it as normal. It is essential to seek treatment at the earliest.

Women who go through bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant will undergo a blood test to check for the level of various hormones in their bodies. This will indicate whether the pregnancy is progressing normally or abnormally. Further ultrasound scanning may be required to check if there is any physical problem in the pregnancy.

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