Bleeding at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Bleeding during pregnancy is known to be a very scary experience for any pregnant woman however light bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant may not indicate a miscarriage or any serious complication. In some women as the egg implants itself to the uterine lining there may be some amount of bleeding which is considered normal. This usually occurs early on in the first trimester and such implantation bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant is also not a cause for concern. However if the woman experiences heavy bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant should immediately notify the same to their midwife or doctor who will check...


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.for any possible problems with the baby and the pregnancyc

In fact bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant or anytime before 24 weeks of pregnancy should be looked into because it may signify a threatened abortion or a threatened miscarriageg

Besides implantation bleeding, some women are also known to experience breakthrough bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant which usually occurs at the time that the woman would have typically been expecting her periodsd While experiencing this breakthrough bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant, the woman would also experience the typical symptoms that she would at the time of her periods such as cramps, feeling bloated, backache and so ono Typically, the hormones associated with pregnancy tend to stop bleeding during pregnancyc

However bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant may occur because the hormone levels may not yet re high enough to stop the periods and therefore some amount of bleeding may occuru Bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant and during the first trimester may almost last for three month intermittentlyl Thereafter the placenta will take over the production of the hormones from the ovariese Women who have been through breakthrough bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant or even throughout their pregnancy in some rare cases are known to give birth to healthy babies after being regularly monitored by their caregivere Those women, who are concerned that bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant may be a sign of a miscarriage should keep in mind that the typical symptoms of a miscarriage include backaches, sever stomach pains and cramping and they will also have a feeling of not being pregnant anymorer Additionally, after a miscarriage the other symptoms associated with pregnancy such as a bloated tummy, sore breasts and nausea will also vanish completelyl If there is bleeding at 8 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound can be used to check if the heartbeat of the baby is detectede

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