Bleeding at 6th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on February 1, 2012

The first trimester of pregnancy is a fairly delicate period when the mother’s body is beginning to get used to the pregnancy. At this time, she may experience symptoms such as morning sickness and general irritability. The first trimester is the time when many miscarriages occur. These are often unreported because they appear as though the woman is experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding. However, if the pregnancy is confirmed, bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant is considered an abnormal condition. Light bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant may be due to some sudden hormonal change and this may be passed off as normal.


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However, heavy bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant is a sign that there is something wrong.

A woman who experiences bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant must visit her doctor for a checkup. This will ensure that any problem is corrected at the earliest.

Bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant with cramps is a sign that the woman may be experiencing a miscarriage. While this is an emotionally distressing thing to occur, it should be understood that the body is designed to abort any pregnancy that is unviable at the earliest possible stage. This is a sort of self defense mechanism by which the body prevents the development of a genetically flawed fetus.

Implantation bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant should not occur. Implantation occurs within the first two weeks of pregnancy. The woman should not experience implantation bleeding at any point after that. If the bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant is made up of small spots which are dark brown in color, it may indicate some old blood that has been released from the implantation wound or other wound in the woman’s reproductive tract. The quantity and color of bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant is also important from a diagnostic point of view. It is important for the woman to stay as calm as possible at this stage, even though this may seem like a difficult proposition.

Many women who experience light bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant or mild bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant go on to enjoy a trouble free pregnancy. A miscarriage also does not mean that the woman will be unable to conceive again. Many women are worried about this although it is completely untrue. If the woman has a specific issue which is causing miscarriages, this will be determined using medical testing that will establish the causal factors behind this.

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