Belly Growth During Pregnancy

What’s so interesting when it comes to pregnancy apart from the fact that a tiny being is growing within you? It’s the growing belly during pregnancy. From barely there to “Oh my god, I don’t believe how big I have grown!” These are some of the visual milestones during the nine long months that often heighten the joy of motherhood.

How the belly size progresses in the “small to large” scale is often affected by aspects such as your build, weight gained, the food that you eat, the growth of your baby, and much more. However, there is a way of gauging how your belly changes during pregnancy.


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When will my tummy start showing?

A normal pregnancy spans from 38 to 40 weeks. Don’t expect to see any action right on the day you get the happy news. If this is your first baby, then the growth starts reflecting only from the sixteenth week. For your belly to look substantially big, you will need to wait at least for a time frame of 20 to 24 weeks.If this is your second or subsequent pregnancy, expect to create more room in your clothes for your belly by the twelfth week. The same applies if you happen to be underweight. More on hard belly during pregnancy

What’s the maximum my tummy will stretch?

The size of your belly growth during pregnancy will inadvertently be defined by what you eat. That groan of the weighing scale is not entirely because of the baby. What you eat helps to feed and nourish you and your baby, but anything in excess just latches on to your body as fat. Add that to your already growing tummy and you can sometimes end up with a really big belly.

Of course, diet need not always be the culprit. On certain occasions the size can increase if you are carrying a bigger than average sized baby.

If you have had weight problems prior to getting pregnant, that could also add to the growing bulk. Again, there are no set parameters to define whether you will achieve a particular size by so and so trimester. In fact, the belly growth will also vary from your first pregnancy to the second. What you can do is avoid excessive belly growth during pregnancy by following a healthy diet and a regular routine of light exercises tailor made for pregnant women.

Red Alert - Bloated!

Remember, that belly changes during pregnancy are to some extent in your hand. Giving in to your every food craving will not only cause unnecessary stretching of your stomach, but may also result in visibly ugly stretch marks post delivery.Excessive weight gain can also cause severe leg cramps and back ache, sometimes resulting in forced bed rest.

Pregnancy is a joyful phase of your life where you get to nurture and pamper yourself in a healthy way. Do not abuse your body with lack of activity and a heavy diet. At the same time, don’t be foolish in your quest to maintain a celebrity mom look. Do not fast or go on any extreme diet. Your body needs all the help it can get to make it through successfully.

Belly Growth During Pregnancy
Belly Growth During Pregnancy
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