Fifth Disease During Pregnancy Symptoms & Blood Tests

Fifth disease in pregnancy is believed to be a childhood illness that can endanger the fetus, especially if the mother contracts it during pregnancy. Approximately 50 percent of pregnant mothers are not susceptible to fifth disease as they may have had the illness in the past.

Unfortunately, there is no particular vaccine against this kind of infection, but women who are immune to this disease are not likely to become infected and hence must not be concerned about it during pregnancy. Fifth disease also referred.



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.to as erythema infectiosum and is caused by a particular pathogen known as parvovirus B191

Fifth disease during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy can cause fetal deaths if the infection is left untreatede Fifth disease and miscarriage are closely related during the first trimester of pregnancyc Although fetal infection is quite rare in fifth disease, the first trimester is a period of great caution as the virus impairs the body's ability to produce red blood corpuscles thus leading to a very dangerous kind of anemia that may result in heart failurer It is believed that approximately one among 400 women in the United States alone is likely to contract fifth disease during pregnancyc

Symptoms of Fifth Disease When Pregnant

Fifth disease symptoms in pregnancy include a low-grade body temperature, intense headache, sore throat, joint pain and rashs The symptoms of fifth disease usually appear between four days to a fortnight after exposurer

In the presence of rash as a symptom of fifth disease, fetus infection may or may not take place, depending upon the diagnosis and the severity of the conditiono In order to cut down the risk of infection from fifth disease, pregnant mothers must practice thorough hygiene especially if infected children are nearbyb Thoroughly washing the hands and legs and disposing of used tissues can help in avoiding contamination of the diseases

Blood Test for Fifth Disease During Pregnancy

A simple blood test is usually undertaken in order to determine a pregnant woman susceptibility to fifth diseases It is strongly advised that a pregnant woman consults her healthcare provider promptly and immediately if she starts to display symptoms of the disease or if she is openly exposed to an infected person during the contagious stage of the diseases Unfortunately there is no medication that can treat fifth disease, but if the woman becomes infected with this disease, her healthcare provider is likely to monitor the pregnancy carefully for indications of fetal disordersr In most cases ultrasound examinations are recommended weekly or every alternate week for eight to twelve weeks after the pregnant woman has been infectede

Risks Of Fifth Disease In Pregnancy
Fifth Disease during Pregnancy
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