Diarrhea During First Trimester

Diarrhea during the first trimester is something that is quite rare but at the same time is something that is not completely unheard of either. Diarrhea during pregnancy in the first trimester is something that is quite rare because of the action of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone and estrogen are the two female sex hormones but it is progesterone that is responsible for maintaining the body and preparing the body for pregnancy. When a human female gets pregnant, the hormone progesterone takes over from estrogen and this can have some odd side effects curiously, diarrhea during the first trimester is not a typical symptom because progesterone has the effect of removing water from the colon...


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... which should in fact cause constipation instead and not diarrhea.

Causes of Diarrhea During First Trimester

Diarrhea is a problem that occurs when the colon is irritated by some toxin or infection and this causes the colonic cells responsible for dehydrating feces to stop their action. This causes feces to be expelled in exactly the very form that they were formed in. Constipation is the exact opposite of diarrhea. Constipation occurs when the feces dry up too much and this causes the feces to become as hard as a rock. This consistency is not amenable for expulsion of the feces. Feces need to be a certain consistency to be expelled and this is one of slight hydration. Progesterone will increase the colon’s ability to absorb water from the feces; therefore, instead of diarrhea during first trimester of pregnancy, it is constipation during the first trimester of pregnancy that occurs.

Signs of Diarrhea During First Trimester

If diarrhea does occur then this is probably a more ominous sign that something else is wrong. The most common cause of diarrhea is a gastrointestinal infection by a bacteria or a virus. This is actually quite common in the lifetime of a human being and should not be a cause of worry since there is no danger to the baby. Most cases of diarrhea resolve in the course of a day and therefore will not cause a lot of long-lasting problems. There are also some kinds of drugs that you could be taking that could cause a certain amount of diarrhea. Vitamin C that is taken on an empty stomach can sometimes cause this condition and is something to take in moderation during the first trimester as it can inhibit the production of progesterone. If this happens, you could suffer a miscarriage.

Diarrhea In First Trimester
Diarrhea During First Trimester
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