What causes diarrhea during pregnancy?

(July 13, 2010)

Diarrhea During Pregnancy Causes

While constipation is a very well known side effect of being pregnant, not many people are aware that suffering from diarrhea is almost as common. Suffering from diarrhea during pregnancy could be an unnecessary complication and cause a number of problems throughout the term of the pregnancy. Besides the fact that it is rather annoying and uncomfortable, the bigger risk of the condition is probably the fact that it puts the individual at a risk of suffering from dehydration. Suffering from dehydration during a pregnancy is very risky because of the fact that the body requires a constant supply of water in order to rain out any dangerous toxins that may have built up within the system. Some of the symptoms that are also closely related to diarrhea during pregnancy include nausea and vomiting, development of a fever, chills, muscle aches and head aches. Abdominal cramping and pain is not uncommon. Depending on the severity of the condition, diarrhea during pregnancy can last anywhere between 3 to 10 days. If it lasts any longer, be sure to inform your doctor about the same.  It has been observes that a number of women are likely to suffer from diarrhea during pregnancy as a result of their prenatal vitamins – which contain high levels of iron that are, more often than not, binding. The consumption of contaminated food or water could trigger diarrhea as well while parasite entering the body via food and water and subsequently settling within the digestive tract is another common cause.

One of the best ways to treat diarrhea during pregnancy is to make sure that you drink as much water as possible in order to stave off any chance of dehydration. Moreover, you could also try a well structured diet plan by consuming foods such as toast, apple sauce, pretzels, mashed potatoes, rice, bananas and cooked carrots. Lean meats are allowed during this phase while any temptation to consume high sugar drinks should be avoided. Fluids that are primarily focused on electrolyte replacement are considered to be the most beneficial drinks to consume in order to stave off the dehydration as well as provide your body with the required energy for you to be able to carry on with your day as usual. In the event that the diarrhea during pregnancy is accompanied by pain or mucus, it is essential that you inform your doctor as soon as possible.

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