Symptoms and Relief From Ligament Pain During Pregnancy Trimesters

There are several women, who experience a certain type of pain called the round ligament pain during pregnancy. Although many women get quite concerned when they experience it, this is a normal part of pregnancy, which does not indicate that there is something wrong with the pregnancy or the baby.

The intensity or severity of the round ligament pain during pregnancy may vary from woman to woman; there are some who describe the pain as a dull ache in the abdominal area, whereas others claim that this is more like a sharp and stabbing pain, felt near the groin or the lower abdominal area.


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While the exact causes of the round ligament pain during pregnancy are not quite clear as yet, it has been seen that women are more likely to suffer from it when they are coughing, changing positions or rolling over in bed. Fortunately, the pain experienced should last for no more than a few seconds or minutes.

Round ligament pain during pregnancy first trimester is not very common. However, there are many women who may feel their uterus start to swell towards the end of the first trimester and may also feel the pain at that time. Round ligament pain during pregnancy second trimester is a lot more common. In fact most women experience this pain mostly during the second trimester of pregnancy, which is when the baby’s growth begins to stretch the uterus. Round ligament pain during pregnancy third trimester is quite unlikely.

Round ligament pain during pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms of round ligament pain may vary a bit, based on the trimester that the woman is in. This pain normally starts in the lower abdominal region, from where it radiates to the groin area. Many women experience round ligament pain during pregnancy first trimester in the form of brief but sharp abdominal cramps. As the pregnancy progresses, the mother could experience acute discomfort during these spells.

Round ligament pain during pregnancy relief

Fortunately, there are many things that a woman can do, to alleviate the uncomfortable round ligament pain during pregnancy symptoms. Given below are some of the common recommendations:

  • Following a regular stretching routine, to relieve ligament pain
  • Moving slowly and carefully
  • Avoiding any sudden and jerky movements that could aggravate the stretching ligaments
  • Getting an adequate amount of rest
  • Applying warm compresses to the abdominal area

In case of severe round ligament pain during pregnancy, it is absolutely essential for all women to get in touch with their doctors and undergo a physical checkup, as early as possible.

Ligament Pain During Pregnancy
Ligament Pain During Pregnancy
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