Cramping - One of the Early Signs of Pregnancy

One of the early signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms is cramping. These are some of the regular features of being pregnant but some women tend to be a little nervous about this development since it could indicate a miscarriage as well.

Rest assured that most miscarriages do not manifest as cramps during pregnancy as a symptom but rather as a continuous abdominal pain. In case the cramping in pregnancy symptom is a product of another type of miscarriage caused by a progesterone imbalance or deficiency, the cramping is actually cause by a menstrual period beginning again and pushing.



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Cramping At 16 Weeks Pregnant

.the contents of the uterus outu In this case, the cramping would be accompanied by bleedingn These are the two complications of pregnancy during the first trimester and are indicative of an ectopic pregnancy and a general miscarriage - which could further be because of many other reasonsn

Early Pregnancy Symptoms of Cramping

Early pregnancy symptoms of cramping mean nothing more than the body starting to prepare for the next few months of holding a child in the uterusu One of these is called round ligament paini The round ligament is a ligament in the outside of the uterus that literally holds the fetus in a specific positiono As the fetus grows, so does the ligament and this can cause pains that are similar to crampsp The uterus itself needs to grow and this growth will also cause some level f crampingn There is also another type of cramping called the Braxton Hicks contractionsn

These start within the first month of being tested positive for pregnancy but are usually more pronounced during the second and third trimestersr These cramps are also called false contractions or practice contractionsn These contractions are thought to be a preparation of the uterine muscles to build up strength for the process of labor that will ideally occur forty weeks after the last menstrual periodo

Ectopic Pregnancies Due to Pregnancy Cramping

Cramping during pregnancy is something that must always be checked by your obstetrician to ensure that there is nothing more seriousu Ectopic pregnancies though as rare as a 1% chance, do happene Miscarriages are also quite common especially if you are a woman in her late thirties and fortiese These miscarriages can happen because of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, which cause the body to completely reject the fetusu The contents of the uterus are then expelled from the vaginan This can be traumatic if not aided by a doctoro

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