Annoying pregnancy cramps?? How long?

(April 19, 2010)

Cramping during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon. However, it can be painful and quite annoying. Cramping is a signal that your body gives out in order to indicate that something is happening. However, not all cramps are a singla to panic and rush to the hospital. The severity of the situation depends on which trimester of pregnancy you are in and the duration of the cramps.

Cramping happens throughout the pregnancy as this is one of the ways in which your body adjusts itself to various changes that it goes through. Cramping in the first trimester indicates many things. If you experience cramping along the lower side of your abdomen and you get a burning sensation then it may be a sign of the ligament stretching. This type of cramping can be very annoying and scary. You can relieve the pain by applying hot or cold compresses on the area that is experiencing the cramps.

If you experience cramps in middle of your abdomen, then it is not due to ligament stretch. In such cases make sure you seek the opinion of your doctor just to play it safe.

Generally, the second trimester is a comfortable period. You experience very less cramping and by this time your body is used to the concept of stretching and the risk of miscarriage lessens. In the second trimester, your body starts doing some warm-up exercises in preparation for the impending delivery. These cramps and contractions that you experience during this period are known as Braxton Hicks. They are a way for your body to prepare for the delivery process. The cramps during the second trimester are usually painless. However, they can quite annoying at times.

Cramping during the third trimester needs to be monitored and taken seriously. If you experience regular contractions, make sure you bring the issue to your doctor’s notice. Keep a watch for signs like bloody mucus, trickling fluid from your vagina, or a gush of blood as all these indicate the possibility of preterm labor. Make sure you alert your doctor if you notice any of these signs and also if you experience any kind of pelvic pain.

Sharp pelvic pain is a matter of concern and needs to be addressed immediately. So make sure you call the doctor the moment you suspect of having one. Please note that Braxton Hicks should not occur more than six times in an hour’s time. If they do, make sure you inform your doctor and get yourself checked immediately.

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