PMS cramps or early pregnancy cramps?

(May 7, 2010)

It is normal to experience cramping during early pregnancy. It is experienced generally after implantation as the uterus begins to stretch and grow. During the term of your pregnancy your uterus will grow a hundred times of the usual size. Many women get worried when they experience this cramping. These cramps are very similar to the menstrual cramps but there is no reason to be worried. If the cramping is very severe and you experience spotting or discharge you should contact your doctor immediately. If you have had a tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage in the past always contact your doctor if you experience any kind of cramping. These cramps are mostly experienced in your abdomen and can last to several days. Very often Early pregnancy cramps can be because of the gas pains due to slow digestion, hormone level, constipation, the pressure of the grown uterus and as well as heart burns experienced during pregnancy.

Uterine contractions that occur because of prostaglandins and other chemicals cause pre menstrual cramps.  This cramping is intensified when colts of tissue from the uterus pass through the cervix. A woman could experience a lot of pre menstrual cramps if she has a narrow cervical canal. Lack of exercise could also be another reason that contributes to menstrual cramps. If the woman is emotionally upset it could also cause a lot of discomfort and menstrual cramps. Some of the symptoms of menstrual cramps are pain that is experienced in the pelvis and the lower abdomen. This pain is also extended to the lower back and legs. It could be very painful or just a dull pain.  Pre menstrual cramps are typically accompanied by constipation, headaches and nausea.  You could try having a warm bath as it will relieve the muscles and hence decrease the pain, this works well for both pre menstrual as well as early pregnancy cramps.

Early pregnancy cramps as well as pre menstrual cramps feel the same. Hence it makes it very difficult to make the difference. Hence if you feel you might be you need to analyze the symptoms you experience. You have to be very careful as the symptoms experienced in both these situations are exactly the same. Take a home pregnancy test and if it shows a negative result, wait for a week before taking it again. These tests are not always accurate. Hence consult your doctor before assuming anything.

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