Pregnancy Cramps Before Missed Period

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

A missed period is often the first noticeable sign of pregnancy. However, after conception occurs, the body displays certain other pregnancy symptoms before missed period. Many women completely miss these signs. These signs may also vary from woman to woman.

Early pregnancy signs occur about a week after conception takes place. Once implantation occurs, the placenta starts secreting a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin hormone or hCG. Pregnancy tests work...


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Continued... detecting this hormone in the body of the woman. Initially hCG may be low as they start building up as the pregnancy progresses. hCG is detectable in the blood stream about 8 to 10 days after fertilization takes place. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks for hCG to become detectable in the urine after a missed period. Therefore if a pregnancy test is conducted too early, it may produce negative results. In early pregnancy, cramps before a missed period is a very common symptom. This may actually be the fertilized egg implanting itself into the uterine lining. Cramping also takes place as the uterus stretches and relaxes in order to prepare itself for the growing baby. The cramps are very similar to those that occur when a period is about to begin. The cramps may become more pronounced in subsequent pregnancies as the tendons of the groin area become weaker. The pain can be alleviated by strengthening these muscles. Walking is one of the best ways to ease such cramps. It also aids in an easier labor. In some cases, cramping may be severe and medical attention is needed in such cases. Cramps that increase in intensity and persist for more than 6 weeks must be brought to the doctor's attention. Cramps that are experienced only one side of the abdomen may be indicative of an ectopic pregnancy. Pregnancy cramps before a missed period can be reduced through warm baths or hot compresses.

Another pregnancy sign is spotting before a missed period. This is due to implantation. The spotting tends to be light and of a reddish or brown color. In case, pain accompanies spotting, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Frequent urination is another symptom of pregnancy. The urges to urinate occur because the supply of blood and fluids in the body increases. This extra fluid is processed in the kidneys and then filled up in the bladder. Other symptoms of early pregnancy include increased body temperature, nausea and fatigue.

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