Cramping During Early Pregnancy

During the early period of pregnancy, many women experience new sensations in the body. While some of these sensations may be pleasant, most of them are unwanted and uncomfortable. Early pregnancy cramping is one such experience.It is not unusual for women to feel concerned over cramping in the lower abdomen.

The first thought in their mind is, of course, about the safety of their child. A lot of women worry that this may be a sign of miscarriage. However, usually, cramping is not a symptom of a miscarriage.

Cramps During Early Pregnancy


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In fact, it is normal to have cramps early in the pregnancy. Usually, when women are not pregnant, they experience cramping after they begin to ovulate. This cramping is caused due to the contracting movements of the uterus. When a woman is pregnant and the cramping continues, it is known as implantation cramping and occurs when the egg implants itself in the uterus of the woman. Some women notice and feel this cramping while others do not.

The woman’s body prepares itself for pregnancy and sometimes, while doing so, the uterus contracts and expands to make room for the implantation and then eventually for the baby to grow. The uterus is a big organ in itself. However, as the implantation occurs and the fetus grows, the uterus, which is made of elastic tissues, continues to grow larger. This growth of the uterus may also cause cramping and discomfort initially.

Cramps and early pregnancy go hand in hand. In fact cramping is expected as the uterus grows and your doctor will warn you about it.

Remedies for Cramping During Early Pregnancy

In case, the cramping is intense and occurs very frequently, you may want to discuss it with your doctor. If you feel that your cramps are too painful and are occurring constantly, it may be wise to get it checked by the doctor and obtain a professional diagnosis of the problem.While cramping and early pregnancy are almost inseparable, it is not wise to take a chance. Usually the cramping during pregnancy is called the round ligament pain. This occurs because the muscles under the uterus begin to grow. As the uterus expands, it needs support from beneath. The muscles grow stronger in order to support the increasing weight.The cramping usually continues as the body prepares itself for labor and therefore continues into the second and third trimester. Fortunately, as the pregnancy progresses, the cramping becomes milder and less uncomfortable.

Cramps In Early Pregnancy
Early Pregnancy Cramping
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