Round ligament pain and Cramping in 16th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on August 13, 2012

Cramping at any time during a pregnancy causes a woman to think that something is going wrong with the pregnancy. Cramping at 16 weeks pregnant is not uncommon and is felt by a majority of women the world over. What then, is the reason for this cramping at 16 weeks pregnant? Bear in mind that during pregnancy, the body undergoes various changes. These changes do not occur all at once and could happen in each of the three trimesters. The most common reason for cramping...


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Continued... 16 weeks pregnant is due to Round Ligament Pain. Round ligament pain is a sharp, stabbing pain that most women feel when they are entering their second trimester.

This pain can also be felt as a long lasting and dull ache. This round ligament pain is felt in the groin or the lower abdomen. Such pain is usually felt when the expectant mother changes position. For instance, if she suddenly gets out of bed, or when she turns over in bed or even when she coughs. Many women who experience mild cramping at 16 weeks pregnant rush to their doctors, fearing a miscarriage. Unless the cramping is accompanied by bleeding or any other symptom of a miscarriage, it is more likely, than not, to be round ligament pain. Do remember that if you experience bad cramping at 16 weeks pregnant, do not just put it down to this round ligament pain that is described above. Do not self diagnose and/or self medicate but contact your doctor immediately. He/she is the best person to diagnose what it is that you are experiencing.

What causes this Round Ligament Pain? The uterus is held in place by thick ligaments, one of which is known as the round ligament. As the uterus grows in both weight and size, these ligaments stretch and become long and thin. These ligaments pull on the nerves that are nearby and cause pain. This pain occurs more frequently on the right side of the pelvis.

Cramping at 16 weeks pregnant should not last longer than a few seconds. If the cramping at 16 weeks pregnant continues for a longer period and is accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting, lower back pain, bleeding, spotting or a change in your vaginal discharge, it is essential that you seek medical assistance right away. Slight cramping at 16 weeks pregnant that is accompanied by pain or burning while urinating could be a sign of a urine infection.

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