Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

Thyroid diseases are fairly common in both pregnant and non-pregnant women. Thyroid disease during pregnancy can pose some problems. Most commonly, hypothyroidism is the thyroid disease to be concerned about while pregnant. Goiter during pregnancy is also a possibility. Graves disease during pregnancy is yet another concern.

There are less common diseases such as hyperemesis during pregnancy. This is a rare but acute and terrible type of morning sickness. The full term given to this is Hyperemesis gravidarum. Thyroid problems could not only strike during pregnancy but also after it. In addition to this, the baby could also suffer from thyroid disorders.


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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

Hypothyroidism symptoms may vary but they typically alter the manner of menstrual periods. Usually, you will find irregular periods while the flow could be heavy or you could have no periods at all. In cases of serious hypothyroidism, the likelihood of pregnancy is correspondingly low. If you are experiencing a number of problems in becoming pregnant, you can use a blood test to check on your thyroid gland function. Underactive thyroid may be dealt with, with the help of thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Hyperemesis during pregnancy shows up as a terrible nausea and/or vomiting which is associated with morning sickness. In fact it hampers the woman’s ability to retain food as well as fluids. A bad case may cause metabolic imbalances, massive weight loss, acid reflux and other complications.

Causes of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

Autoimmune thyroid dysfunction is the root cause for thyroid dysfunctions hyperthyroidism in addition to hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism results in greater difficulty for those women aiming to become pregnant.

In pregnant women, miscarriage or birth defects are further complications which result from lack for treatment for hyperthyroidism. Monitoring of TSH during pregnancy is not usually done unless your doctor suspects some problem. This is the abbreviation for what is known as Thyroid-stimulating hormone.

Treatment for Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy

PTU during pregnancy is one of the safer drugs to combat hyperthyroidism in pregnant women. This is the abbreviation for propylthiouracil, a commonly used drug. As even your baby's thyroid gland could be affected by the effects of this drug, close monitoring may be in order for such pregnant women. In the few cases where the pregnant lady can’t take PTU due to factors such as allergies, surgery is the alternative. The thyroid gland is surgically taken out, either before the pregnancy occurs or, in some critical cases, even when the woman is pregnant. Some thyroid treatments to avoid if you’re pregnant include radioactive iodine.

Thyroid Disease In Pregnancy
Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy
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