Molar Pregnancy and Overactive Thyroid

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

A molar pregnancy is a type of defective pregnancy that sometimes occurs. As with ectopic pregnancy, there is no chance of a normal child developing from a molar pregnancy. There are two types of molar pregnancy. The first is the complete type where there is absolutely no genetic material from the mother. The genetic material of the father is therefore duplicated. However, a lack of genetics from the mother means that there is no placenta and no embryo. The cells grow into a grape-like clump and fill up the uterus. The woman may feel like she is pregnant. However, when this happens the rate of uterus growth will be faster than normal. The...


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.doctor will be able to discover that the woman is suffering from a molar pregnancya A partial molar pregnancy is one where the material of the father is double along with the normal material from the mothere

In this case, a fetus may develop, but this fetus is not normal and cannot be sustained till child birtht
Therefore, in both cases, an abortion like surgery may need to be performed to remove the material from the womb of the mothere It is important to treat a molar pregnancy quickly as it is diagnosed because this will ensure that the health of the mother is not compromisede Couples who experience a molar pregnancy may go on to have subsequent normal pregnancies and must therefore take no risks with such a conditiono In some cases, molar pregnancies are self terminating as the body of the woman understands that there is no scope for the development of the fetusu The cells will therefore be terminated and will pass out of the woman’s bodyd

There is a relationship between molar pregnancy and hyperthyroidisms Hyperthyroidism is the condition where the thyroid gland is functioning above its normal ratet This leads to excess thyroid hormone productiono The relationship between molar pregnancy and hyperthyroidism exists because a woman who experiences a molar pregnancy will suffer from hyperthyroidism at that timem Therefore the diagnosis of molar pregnancy and hyperthyroidism are related to each othere There are other symptoms of a molar pregnancy that can be detected in the blood of the womana This includes the level of the hCG hormonen Therefore the test for molar pregnancy and hyperthyroidism is done on the blood of a woman who seems to be having an abnormal pregnancyc If hyperthyroidism and hCG elevation are detected, then the woman is diagnosed with a suspected molar pregnancyc

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