What Drugs Are Safe While Breastfeeding?

(November 25, 2010)

Breast milk has the correct balance of nutrients for your baby to be healthy. Children who have been breastfed well grow up to be strong and have lesser health related issues. Recent studies have even proved that breastfed children have a lesser chance of having cancer. If you do not suffer from any health issues then it is important that you breastfeed your infant for a minimum of 6 months. But if you have health problems and are on heavy medication then it is better that you do not breastfeed your baby. Most medicines that you consume will also go into your milk, so before you take any medication, you need to consider the effect it will have on your baby and whether or not it has any effects on the milk supply. There are several medications that are considered to be safe while breastfeeding toddler, but it always advisable to consult your doctor before taking any. It is always advisable to avoid taking medication and going in for alternative home remedies. However if the problem, for example a headache, is unbearable then take the medication but have it immediately after feeding your baby so that you don’t pass on a stronger dose to your baby.

Some of the drugs prescribed that are considered safe for mothers who are breastfeeding are:

• For headaches and pains you can take Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen.
• For fungal infections Clotrimazole is considered to be very effective
• A good antibiotic drug for throat, ear, skin and urinary tract infections is Cephalosporins.
• If you have an upset stomach then you can take Antacids.
• Diabetics can take Insulin at a 25% drop in dosage in order to control diabetes.
• If you are suffering from skin and respiratory problems then you can safely have Erythromycin.
• If you want to treat joint problems like inflammation then you can have Corticosteroids.
• Constipation problems can be cured by Laxatives such as psyllium seed husk and Docusate which help soften the stools.
• Methyldopa and Nifedipine are generally prescribed for high blood pressure problems.
• If you have bleeding after delivery then Methylergometrine may be suggested.
• Thyroid replacement medicine such as Levothyroxine can be used to treat thyroid problems.
• If you suffer from asthma or bronchitis, Theophylline may be suggested in order to prevent or treat breathing problems.   
• Bacterial infections can be cured by Penicillins such as Amoxicillin.

Al though these are some common medicines prescribed, never take any medication without first consulting your doctor.

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