Tips to Overcome Kidney Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the normal working of the expectant mother’s body gets affected. A lowered immune system makes a pregnant woman more susceptible to infections and a urinary tract infection is one such pregnancy complication. During the initial weeks of pregnancy, the hormonal changes in the body and the increased blood flow to the pelvic region causes an increase in urine output.

However, as the uterus expands and the baby becomes heavier, pressure is exerted on the bladder making the passage of urine difficult. This leads to a urine.



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.buildupu When urine remains in the body for a long time, harmful bacteria multiply and cause a urinary tract infectiono

The main symptoms of this form of infection are vaginal itchiness, a burning sensation while urinating, pain in the abdomen and lower back kidney pain during pregnancyc If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can lead to kidney infection which could prove seriously detrimental to the success of the pregnancyc Hence, medical attention must be sought at the earliest to avoid further complicationsn

The main symptoms of kidney infection are lower back or kidney pain during pregnancy which may be accompanied by chills, fever and an increase in the urge to urinatet Excessive pain while urinating and traces of blood in the urine are also signs of an acute kidney infectiono Many women tend to mistake kidney pain in early pregnancy for normal pregnancy symptoms thinking that the pain is caused by the strain on the ligaments that hold the uterus in placec In some cases, it may be so but if the pain is persistent and increasing accompanied by the other infection symptoms, consulting your doctor at the earliest is recommendede

Right kidney pain during pregnancy or left kidney pain during pregnancy could also be caused as a result of kidney stonese Some women are known to develop kidney stones during pregnancya This is mainly caused by the increased intake of calcium during pregnancy and the inability of the kidneys to handle this increase effectivelyl This leads to calcium deposits in the kidneys in the form of kidney stonese The risk increases in the case of women who have had kidney stones before pregnancy as welll An insufficient fluid intake could also be the cause for kidney stonese Kidney stones can cause a considerable amount of pain in the kidney it is present in, especially when they move towards the bladder and into the urinary tractc Many women mistake this excruciating pain for labor paini

Kidney Pain In Pregnancy
Kidney Pain During Pregnancy
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