Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy

Quitting smoking during a pregnancy seems like one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. However, it is important for the health of both mother and child, that smoking and consumption of any other harmful substance be avoided to safeguard the health of the child that is developing within her womb. There are a number of books that have been written as guidelines on how to quit smoking during a pregnancy.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that will power to give up smoking needs to be strong in order to actually kick the habit. One of the best ways to quit smoking during a pregnancy is to be made aware of the damage that you could do to the child that is developing within your womb.


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Smoking While Pregnancy Risks

The biggest fear that any parent could face is that of losing a child because of their actions.Children born to mothers who have continued to smoke during their pregnancies are known to have an increased risk of various birth defects. A certain amount of cognitive damage is evident in most children born to expectant mothers who smoke. Some of these defects may not be so evident at first, but as the child develops, they will become more prominent. These include behavioral issues, learning disabilities and speech disorders. It has also been noticed that children born to mothers who smoke, are more prone to respiratory disorders and have more fat than muscular mass, and this is not healthy. Placenta privea is a medical condition commonly faced by expectant mothers who do not give up smoking during their pregnancy.

The condition includes the movement of the placenta close to the opening of the uterus, which may force an unnatural birth procedure, such as the performance of a caesarean section. Placental abruption and low supply of blood to the placenta can definitely prove fatal to the developing baby.

How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

Quitting smoking during pregnancy is not as difficult a task as it poses to be. Focusing on the good health of your baby will play a vital role in boosting your will power to give up the habit. For anyone who is trying to quit smoking during pregnancy, it is important that there is ample moral support from the individual’s partner. A partner who also gives up the habit of smoking during your pregnancy will not only give you moral support while you are trying to break the habit, but will also ensure that you are not being exposed to second hand smoke.

Quit Smoking During Pregnancy
Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy
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