Protruding Belly Button During Pregnancy

Your body undergoes several changes during pregnancy. In addition to hormonal changes and other transformations within your body, you will also experience a significant change in your appearance. This is on account of the rapid weight gain brought on by pregnancy and you need to watch your weight and diet to ensure that you pass through this period safely.

You may experience several problems during pregnancy, some mild and not so serious, while others need to be tended to immediately. Some physical changes can lead to other symptoms. For instance, your legs may tend to become very fatigues from carrying the extra weight of two circulatory systems.


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Conditions for Protruding Navel During Pregnancy

You may experience other kinds of pain like lower back and abdominal pain. One of the many significant transformations that occur physically during pregnancy is the protruding navel. If your navel protrudes during pregnancy, it is no cause for worry. It occurs as a result of the growing size of the fetus inside you and is perfectly normal.

You may observe several changes in this regard. In addition to a protruding navel, for instance, you may also discover that you belly button looks as if it is popping out. This tends to happen around the second trimester and is also no cause for alarm. You uterus is expanding at a rapid rate during pregnancy and this causes certain bodily changes. The expanding uterus pushes the abdomen forward, causing your navel to protrude. Your navel will begin to protrude by the end of your second trimester and it is generally a sign that things are going right on track.

It is possible that due to an increased production of hormones, your nipples also start to protrude. Your breasts tend to increase in size during pregnancy in any case and this change is similar to protruding navels during pregnancy.

Symptoms for Protruding Navel During Pregnancy

There are many such symptoms that are harmless but are a part of being pregnant. A protruding navel may look unattractive to you, but it is a normal aspect of pregnancy and is no cause for embarrassment. If you feel uncomfortable, wear clothes that are appropriately tailored or are loose fitting to cover your protruding navel and belly button.

Causes for Protruding Navel During Pregnancy

There is no cause for worry about treating a protruding navel or belly button during pregnancy. Your abdomen will shrink to its normal size after child birth and consequently your navel will not be protruding anymore. There are several exercises you can carry out after pregnancy to lose the extra weight you gain and to bring your body back to shape. With regular exercise and a healthy diet, your navel will be back to its original shape in no time.

Protruding Navel When Pregnant
Protruding Navel During Pregnancy
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