What Are the Symptoms experienced during First, Second And Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy results in significant changes in a woman’s body. Most women are able to continue with their daily routines throughout their pregnancies and not face any discomfort. However, some women may face difficulties that bring about considerable changes in their lives. Emotional upsets and mood swings are extremely common during pregnancy.

Most women experience anxiety and fear, along with excitement and anticipation. The entire pregnancy lasts for a period of nine months or forty weeks. These nine months are divided into three stages.



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.called trimestersr Several changes occur in each trimester of pregnancyc

Pregnancy First Trimester Symptoms

The first trimester lasts from week one to week twelve and the 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms include nausea and vomitingn This is referred to as morning sickness, but can take place at any time during the daya This may be helped by taking smaller meals during the day that are light and easily digestede Menstruation may become very light during this time or in some cases it may stop completelyl The mother’s breasts become enlarged and may become sore and tendere The nipples and the areola grow in size and also darkene There may be a frequent urge to urinate and tiredness and fatigue are common symptoms during this stageg Headaches occur and the mother may also experience many mood swings, along with heartburn and constipationo

Pregnancy Second Trimester Symptoms

The second trimester lasts from week thirteen to week twenty-sixi 2nd trimester pregnancy symptoms include weight gain and significant abdominal swelling, as the uterus enlarges along with the growing fetusu During this time the mother will be able to feel the fetus movev The abdominal skin stretches and dryness may also occuru The breasts continue to swell in sizez The nipples may secrete fluid called colostrumu

The constipation, stomach upsets and heartburn continue during this stage as welll Nasal congestion and nosebleeds may occuru Fluid retention occurs in the hands and feete A brown line becomes visible on the area between the navel and genitalsl Due to hormonal changes, pigmentation can take place on the skini Hemorrhoids can develop due to an increase in the pressure on the veins in the rectal areae Varicose veins are also common during this trimestere

Pregnancy Third Trimester Symptoms

The third trimester lasts from week twenty-seven to week fortyt 3rd trimester pregnancy symptoms include backachese Due to the size of the abdomen, the mother may begin to walk in a different manner so as to adjust to the weight of the uterusu The navel protrudes outwardsd As the growing uterus pushes against the rib cage, shortness of breath may also occuru The fetus’ movements become visible from the outsided At this time, false labor contraction may also take placec This stage culminates with delivery and the birth of the babyb

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