First, Second & Third Trimester Weeks during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters according to the stages of development and the changes of both the fetus and the mother. Each of these trimesters is unique with different growth and development stages.

The experiences that each trimester holds are also very different. If you know the three stages of pregnancy, you can be more prepared for your baby.

Pregnancy Week Trimester


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Pregnancy Week Trimester

The first pregnancy week trimester ranges from the first to the twelfth week. The pregnancy second trimester week ranges from the thirteenth to the twenty fifth week and the third trimester pregnancy week starts from the twenty sixth week and goes on to the fortieth week or the delivery.

First Trimester

In the first pregnancy trimester, week by week development occurs at a very fast pace. For you, the first trimester will bring about many physical and emotional changes. The hormones are very active in this stage and your body will have to adjust to this new situation. The pregnancy first trimester week brings about with it the much dreaded pregnancy sickness, also often known as morning sickness. The baby is developing very fast in this period and this is also the time when the baby’s development can get compromised if you do not take enough care.

In this trimester, your baby will begin to develop the vital organs and will have eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth. The teeth buds will develop and so will the digits on both hands and feet. Though the development of the genitals will also begin, it will take some time for the genitals to fully develop.

Second Trimester

The second trimester starts from the thirteenth week and goes on to the twenty fifth week.

It is in this trimester that you will finally begin to feel the movements that your baby makes. The morning sickness would be much less than in the first trimester and you will feel much more relaxed. Your belly size will increase and you will begin to look and feel pregnant.

Though you will experience some more symptoms of pregnancy like headaches and back aches, during this period, the baby’s movements become very marked. The baby has its own waking and sleeping patterns. This is also the time when the development of the facial features becomes complete.

Third Trimester

During this final stage, the growth of the baby slows down to quite an extent and finally comes to an end. Around the thirtieth week, the baby will be fully formed and functioning. By the end of the trimester, you will start lactating. The baby starts to become fatter and bigger and therefore your belly will start to grow some more and finally, the baby will position itself for birth.

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