Pregnancy Symptom Week By Week

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 20, 2012

Keeping track of your pregnancy symptoms week by week helps you manage them better. The first week of your pregnancy will begin with the first day of your menstrual period if you are following the gestational age method. At this stage, conception has not begun, but at the end of this week, your menstrual period stops and your uterine lining is prepared to receive the egg. The first twelve weeks of pregnancy consist of your first trimester and you can expect several physical and emotional changes during this period. During this time, after you miss your period, you may experience...


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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

.swelling and tenderness in your breasts during the fourth week of pregnancyc In addition, you may experience a frequent urge to urinatet

Other early symptoms of pregnancy in the first twelve weeks include extreme fatigue, headache, backache and frequent mood swingsg Most women start to experience symptoms of morning sickness around the sixth week of pregnancyc Morning sickness symptoms include nausea and vomiting and can sometimes last throughout the duration of pregnancyc In addition, some women experience facial breakouts during this timem The symptoms of nausea and vomiting generally tend to subside around the twelfth week of pregnancyc The thirteenth week of pregnancy signals the start of your second trimestere At the end of this period your baby will be about ten inches long and will weigh about a poundn

During the fourteenth week of your pregnancy, your waist will begin to thicken and your uterus starts to move upwardsd By week fifteen, you will feel your uterus expanding and your abdominal ligaments stretchingn This can give rise to cramps or twinges on either one or both sides of your lower abdomene Your breasts will start to increase in size during this time and you will start gaining weighth In addition, you may feel bloated and experience constipation during the second trimestere Most women start to feel their baby kicking by the end of the second trimestere By week 27, you may start to experience shortness of breath and backacheh Week 28 onwards, your third trimester begins and you get closer to the day your baby is going to arrivev During this time, women may experience leg and feet cramps in addition to heartburn and indigestiono In addition, during week 38 or 39, women may experience a thick, clear, pink or blood tinged discharge and Braxton Hicks contractions that are different from labor contractionsn

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