24 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Pregnancies are divided into three main stages, known as trimesters. The first trimester is the time frame spanning the first day of pregnancy to the last day of the third month, with the second trimester covering the time frame between the first day of the fourth month to the last day of the sixth month, with the third and final trimester enveloping the first day of the seventh month to the date of delivery. Each of these stages oversee a significant amount of progression in the development of the baby, with the third trimester seeing the baby’s development almost complete as it comes increasingly closer to the due date...


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.The 24 weeks of pregnant belly will see the child having progressed substantially, with the baby having put on an astonishing 4 ounces since the previous weeke At 24 weeks, the pregnant belly size will go down to measurements that show the baby being in the region of about a foot long and weighing in at just over a poundn

There is also a substantial amount of development in the child’s brain at this time while the respiratory systems and taste buds have also almost completely developed at this pointn The baby’s skin is still likely to be rather thin and translucent – which is something that will change while the pregnancy progresses furthere If you have not already, at 24 weeks pregnant the belly button is likely to start popping outwardr Most of the protruding belly is likely to be the result of accumulating baby fat from the development of the bones, muscle and growing organsn This causes the uterus to push outward onto everything that it is in contact witht

Some of the other symptoms that an expecting mother is likely to experience at 24 weeks of a pregnant belly include painful episodes of constipation that is primarily a result of the hormones involved in the pregnancy causing the intestinal muscles to relax in order to keep the food inside the system longer – thereby giving the baby more time to absorb all the required nutrientst Suffering painful backaches is another very common symptom that a pregnant woman is likely to experience because of the added stress that is placed on her back with the increased belly size and overall weighth Leg cramps and vision changes are very common symptoms as welll It is important to remember that you should avoid being too critical of your body weight at this time because it is a natural occurrence in order to provide the best environment for the babyb You can always think of losing weight after childbirtht

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