8 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

At 8 weeks pregnant, a woman is most happy to have completed one fifth of her long journey towards being a mother. By this stage, the little baby is almost completely formed, with all the essential organs in place. What were initially just buds have now grown into little legs and hands, making the baby look more human. However, the fingers and toes are still connected with webs of skin. The tail that made the baby resemble a tadpole is no longer there. The brain cells are developing fast and the nerves have already learnt to make connections. The little heart is pumping away. All the other organs, vital for life, are...


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.also continuing to developo

The main sign that helps others recognize that a woman is pregnant is the size of her bellyl

At 8 weeks pregnant, the baby in the womb is just about the size of a big kidney beana The uterus too has gone through some transformation and has now grown to approximately the size of a large orangeg As a result of this, the 8 weeks pregnant belly size is not very largeg Hence, it is most likely that an 8 weeks pregnant belly will not be very visiblel Since many women tend to experience symptoms such as bloating or gas buildup during pregnancy, an 8 weeks pregnant belly showing is most probably the result of these symptomsm However, one must remember that every woman’s body reacts differently while pregnant and some women are known to have a slight bulge by the eight weeke This holds true mainly in the case of women who have gone through pregnancies before, as the uterine muscles adjust to consecutive pregnancies almost immediatelyl Hence, an 8 weeks pregnant belly for the 2nd pregnancy is bound to show more than the belly in a 1st pregnancyc An 8 weeks pregnant belly with twins is also more likely to start showing earlier than a single gestation pregnancy since the uterus expands faster to accommodate two babies competing with each other, in terms of growtht

Once the belly begins to grow, a woman’s body becomes asymmetrical and it becomes more difficult for her to balance her weighth This leads to a change in posture, with a lot of strain falling on the lower back as well as the legsg It also makes sleeping comfortably more difficultl Enjoy the small belly phase while it lastst

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