Pains and Development of a Belly during 19 Weeks of First Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on August 14, 2012

Expecting a child is one of the greatest joys a woman can experience. After she conceives her child, an expectant mother will undergo a number of changes during the term of her pregnancy. Of these numerous changes, the most visible one is the change of shape of the expectant mother’s body, to accommodate the growing child within the womb. During the first three months of the pregnancy, the change in shape and size is hardly significant. As the woman enters the fourth month of pregnancy, the "baby bump" is noticeable and will grow larger in due course.


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As the expectant mother completes 19 weeks of pregnancy, her 19 weeks pregnant belly will be rather noticeable, and there are chances she may feel a little embarrassed at first. As time goes by, however, she will learn to overcome this embarrassment and be proud of the fact that she bears a new life within her womb.

A 19 weeks pregnant belly size is not large, though it will draw a lot of positive attention from friends and family.

Keeping in mind the fact that the baby is still in the developmental stages, just a small bulge may be visible at this point of time. Expectant mothers should make the most of the attention they are receiving from their loved ones and enjoy the experience. When you are 19 weeks pregnant, belly pains could be a warning sign that all is not well with your pregnancy. Many women who suffer from belly pain in the early stages of their pregnancy start to get anxious about the health of their baby. If you are suffering from belly pain at 19 weeks, stay calm and focused and seek immediate medical help. In some cases, belly pain is caused by gas and a few dietary modifications will help to control this problem. However, if you experience problems during your pregnancy such as belly pains which are accompanied by vaginal bleeding, you need to inform your doctor immediately. For those women who are experiencing their first pregnancy, a 19 weeks pregnant belly would most certainly have you fielding way too many questions. As she experiences the child developing in her womb, there is constant hope that everything is well with the pregnancy and that there are no complicationss

When you are expecting your first baby, belly size at 19 weeks pregnant is fairly noticeable and may cause you to be embarrassed, but you will soon overcome this feeling with support from family and friendss Knowing that you are on the threshold of giving life to a child is one of the best experiences you could have in your life and should be the primary motivator to help you avoid any feelings of embarrassment during your pregnancyy Be it a 19 weeks pregnant belly or 29 weeks pregnant belly, it’s a matter of pride and joy; so make the most of this beautiful experiencee

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