What to do at 36 Weeks Pregnant?

(February 16, 2011)

Many women who are 36 weeks pregnant wonder what to do next. This is after all the last stage of the pregnancy and the baby can make its entrance into the world anytime soon. From the date of conception up until now, 9 months will have been completed. By 36 weeks, the baby will have moved around so that the head is towards the lower region. You must be prepared for the delivery at this stage. It is advisable to have all necessary numbers handy such as your partner’s and the hospital’s. Also pack the maternity and baby clothes which you will require.

The development of the baby is almost complete by this stage. The baby will have grown to about 20 inches in length and will weigh about 2.8 to 6 pounds. The baby will keep growing layers of fat and the areas at the elbows, cheeks and knees may start to dimple due to the fat deposits. Brain development will occur at a furious pace. The baby starts to practice blinking by this time. The gums become stronger and the sucking muscles develop fully. Some amount of amniotic fluid is swallowed daily and also eliminated through the urine.

At 36 weeks pregnant, you are likely to be quite heavy as the uterus will have enlarged considerably. In some cases, there may still be about 4 weeks left for the delivery and so the baby and you will continue to grow until that time. At 36 weeks pregnant symptoms such as tiredness, inadequate sleep and restlessness may occur. This is a good time to stay occupied with preparations for the delivery and baby care. The uterus will have increased to 5.5 inches above the navel. Due to the stretching of the stomach muscles, there may be itching. This may be alleviated through application of lotion or cream. Due to the increasing pressure on the lower region of the body, you may feel like urinating frequently. The lower abdominal region may also tighten during this time. However, the pressure will have lifted from the stomach and lungs, and so breathing will be easier. During this period, weekly doctor visits will become necessary so the levels of amniotic fluid and the baby’s position can be checked. Weight and blood pressure is closely monitored. Since it may be uncomfortable to eat proper meals, you can eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day.

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