Weight Gain in 26th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on October 16, 2012

At 26 weeks pregnant, weight gain is something that you may have got used to already. Weight gain is an important and necessary part of being pregnant. Even when your baby is very small, you still gain a lot of weight as your body prepares to nurture the new life inside you. Your body gets bigger with time as the baby grows, but even when the baby is small, you will experience some weight gain. Weight gain begins right from the time you get pregnant. Your body increases the blood volume by almost 50%.


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All this extra blood is used to bring essential nutrients to your baby. By 26 weeks, you are already more than halfway through your pregnancy. You are almost at the third stage of your pregnancy, and the baby is growing extremely fast, bracing itself for the impending birth.

Your stomach will be protruding a lot right now, and you will be clearly showing. Some women even begin to experience some slight contractions at this time. Even though you are not in labor, your uterus will have some slight cramping as your hormones continue to flow.

At 26 weeks pregnant, weight gain is at an increased rate. You will be gaining much more weight in the period between your twenty-fourth to thirtieth week than you gained in the first twenty-four weeks put together. Due to all this increased weight and the changed shape of your body, your center of gravity will change and you may feel a little clumsy and sluggish.

The weight gain at 26 weeks pregnant is at one of the speediest rates that you will experience through your pregnancy. This brings about other symptoms with it as well. Your distended belly causes a little discomfort to your back and your organs will feel all cramped up. You will need to pee a lot more than usual and your feet and hands may feel a little bloated.

There are a lot of websites that offer you weight gain at 26 weeks pregnant calculator. This tool helps in determining the correct amount of weight gain that you should ideally experience. The 26 weeks pregnant with twins weight gain is more than that of women who have a single baby. Women who are this far into their pregnancy have usually become comfortable with their weight gain and are able to keep fit as well. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort due to this excessive weight, do discuss your condition with your doctor.

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