Pelvic Arthropathy During Pregnancy

Pelvic arthropathy during pregnancy is a condition that results in painful joints. Diagnosing pelvic pain during pregnancy is easy, especially if the pregnant woman is aware of the existence of this particular condition and its symptoms.

Symptoms of Pelvic arthropathy during pregnancy

Pelvic pain during early pregnancy can sometimes cause much pain and discomfort and can limit the movement of the pregnant woman and may also cause impairment in walking. A pregnant woman with pelvic arthropathy may usually experience pain.



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. around her pubic area that spreads out to the groin and the insides and outsides of the thighsh Particular kinds of movement such as lying on the back while sleeping or trying to get onto a particular side may worsen the paini Climbing up and down the stairs can be especially difficult and be caused by abdominal pain during pregnancy in addition to the pelvic paini Some degree of pelvic arthropathy may affect some women in the later stages of pregnancy causing posterior pelvic pain during pregnancy, while some women experience this condition throughout the pregnancy right from the first trimester to well after deliveryr

Since the pelvis is made up of multiple bones fused together in a certain manner that does not allow movement, pelvic arthropathy takes place when the hormones that are produced during pregnancy softens the cartilage of these joints and causes the bones in the pelvic area to movev

The cartilage of the joints in the pelvic region becomes soft and as it begins to move and displace it causes paini Moreover, with the rate of the growing fetus and the uterus, there is a pronounced shift in the pregnant woman's centre of gravity often leading to lower backacheh

Advice for Pelvic Arthropathy during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman experiences pelvic arthropathy during pregnancy she should immediately consult her doctor who may advise the adoption or prevention of certain kinds of exercises and postures during that particular stage, in order to prevent the occurrence of ectopic pregnancyc Pain relief is most often sought in the form of physiotherapy and through the advice and support of a specially trained obstetric physiotherapists In some cases, support garments are usually provided such as a corset or prenatal belt or band of material around the hips, waist, under the abdomen that can prove to be helpful while working or moving aboutu Obstetricians also advise a pregnant woman experiencing pelvic arthropathy on the most appropriate kind of position in which to give birth in order to prevent further pain and discomfortr

Pelvic Arthropathy In Pregnancy
Pelvic Arthropathy During Pregnancy
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