Dizziness in Pregnancy

Do you feel a sudden spinning of your head? Dizziness is not taken so seriously by us as we are used to the usual amusement games; however, dizziness in pregnancy is a different ballgame altogether. Well, dizziness during pregnancy is not uncommon. Here are the causes and the things that you need to do in case you feel light-headed.

Causes of Dizziness in Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, your cardiovascular system...


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...is likely to undergo some drastic changes.

You are likely to witness an increased heart rate with your heart pumping more blood than usual. Also, the circulatory system expands in order ensure blood reaches your growing uterus and placenta.

On one hand, your blood pressure is likely to dip during the first trimester, while on the other hand, it will probably hit rock-bottom in the second trimester; your blood pressure increases during the third trimester to meet the needs of your growing baby. However, it goes back to normal once you deliver… Weird isn’t it? Well, this is pregnancy; you can expect the strangest things to happen!

Most of the times your cardiovascular and nervous systems are likely to adjust to these changes; nonetheless there may be times when they may not. That’s the time you tend to feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Reasons for Dizziness During Pregnancy

Besides the above, here are some very common reasons that may lead to dizziness in pregnancy:

  • Standing up too fast

When you stand up too fast, blood pools up in the lower parts of your body such as the legs and feet. If this happens and your body is unable to adjust, less amount of blood returns to your heart from your legs, and your blood pressure tends to dip.

  • Lying on your back

In your second and third trimesters, the growing uterus tends to slow down the blood flow to your legs by compressing your pelvic veins. If you lie flat on your back, this problem worsens and results in dizziness.

  • Lack of nutritional diet

This is one of the most common mistakes that we tend to make. For fear of gaining weight, we diet during pregnancy. If you do not eat properly or take in enough fluids, then you will end up with low sugar and in turn, are likely to get dehydrated.

  • Anemia

During pregnancy, our body requires more nutrition than usual, especially iron. This is because your body needs to supply nutrients to your growing baby too. So, it is very important to take multi-vitamins and iron supplements to overcome the deficiency. In case you fail to supplement this short-fall, you are likely to feel weak and dizzy.

  • Hyperventilation of emotions

It is very essential to stay calm and happy while you are pregnant. Any kind of stress or emotional trauma can cause you to hyperventilate which can lead to fluctuation of your blood pressure. Similarly, over-exercising can also lead to the same condition thereby causing dizziness.

Remedies for Dizziness During Pregnancy

  • Lie down the minute you feel dizzy. If you cannot lie down, sit and try to put your head between your knees to feel better.
  • Lie on your left side. This will increase the blood flow to your heart and brain thus keeping this condition away.

Dizziness in pregnancy is common, however, fainting during pregnancy is not. In case you faint or feel extremely dizzy, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor to avoid any kind of complication. Stay happy; think happy and your pregnancy will be a smooth journey!

Dizziness In Pregnancy
Dizziness in Pregnancy
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