Arthritis During Pregnancy

Arthritis is a destructive and deforming autoimmune disorder that usually affects the connective tissues in the joints. Experiencing arthritis during pregnancy can greatly complicate motherhood especially if the pregnant woman has to deal with physical discomfort and limitation on a daily basis.

Rheumatoid arthritis in pregnancy can occur at any time during the pregnancy, as the added weight of the child in the womb can lead to extra pressure on the joints thus causing further pain and discomfort to the woman who is already a chronic case of arthritis. However, it is believed that some women with rheumatoid arthritis sometimes experience no symptoms during pregnancy, but usually suffer a flare-up immediately after delivery.


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Post pregnancy arthritis in pregnancy can be particularly debilitating and women have to cope with the disorder as each trimester progresses. Other kinds of similar related disorders that some women experience are likely to experience include joint pain in pregnancy, osteoarthritis in pregnancy, arthritis in pregnancy, bursitis in pregnancy and gout in pregnancy that display similar symptoms.

Symptoms of Arthritis During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be relieved with the help of a few lifestyle measures:

  • If the pain is unbearable make use of hot or cold packs on your inflamed joints. The external use of these packs is safe to be continued throughout the pregnancy and can greatly help in making you feel better.
  • It is important to notify your gynecologist or family doctor of increased pain especially in joints and muscles and especially if you experience numbness or tingling in your extremities.
  • It helps to read comfortable footwear with flat and soft soles as it is useful in providing good support to the back and the joints.

    Shoes or footwear with heels must not be worn as it can accelerate the inflammation and pain in the joints.
  • Try to rest as much as possible as it can help in relieving the pain especially in your weight-bearing joints.
  • Make use of splints especially for your hands and knees as the extra support provided by the splints can take off the pressure and the inflammation. Speak with your doctor about having specially made splints for you.
  • Special kind of exercises and meditative techniques involving relaxation and biofeedback can help you to remain calm and relaxed during your pregnancy as it is very important that you and your baby stay composed. Involve yourself with meditation and relaxation exercise in order to bring about mental and physical well being. Speak with your doctor about the right kind of exercise that you can do depending upon the trimester that you are in; also speak about external applications and other lifestyle measures that you can introduce into your daily life in order to reduce the pain


Arthritis During Pregnancy
Arthritis During Pregnancy
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