Bloating During Early Pregnancy

Bloating is common during pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy. Bloating is caused by the accumulation of gas in the stomach. It is important to remember, though, that gas and bloating are common problems and can be faced by a person even outside of pregnancy. During pregnancy, however, this problem may be heightened.

Bloating is primarily caused by hormonal imbalances in the body during pregnancy. It is probably an early pregnancy symptom as the digestive system is one of the first to be affected during pregnancy, the body produces increased levels of progesterone which in turn causes smooth muscle in the body to relax. This tends to affect the gastrointestinal tract as well and leads to a slowing down.



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.of the digestive process and tends to lead to bloating in pregnancyc Bloating causes discomfort after a big meal, leads to flatulence and irregular bowel movements in addition to pain in the stomach and lower abdomene Bloating also results in constipation which is another common symptom of early pregnancyc Bloating and pregnancy are thus interrelatede Bloating though can be controlled at home by adhering to a regular diet and by following a few simple tipsp

Symptoms and Signs of Bloating in Early Pregnancy

The other symptoms that occur alongside bloating in early pregnancy are constipation and heartburnr During pregnancy, the growing uterus tends to exert pressure on the abdominal cavity and this further disturbs the digestive process, leading to bloating and discomfortr One of the most effective ways to reduce bloating during pregnancy is by eliminating those foods in your diet that lead to the formation of acidity and gas or foods that produce gas on account of an allergic reactiono

Cauliflower, beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are some of the main foods that lead to bloating during pregnancyc You should also avoid consuming too much asparagus as this is also commonly known to produce gasa Avoid drinking sodas or other carbonated drinks as these are also responsible for a bloated stomachc Starchy foods like potatoes or pasta tend to cause gas and bloating in some peoplel In addition to regulating your diet, ensure that you get regular exercise to avoid bloating during pregnancyc Eat frequent meals, especially if they are small and at regular intervalsl Eat a big meal at irregular times makes it difficult to digest and causes constipation and bloatingn Eating smaller, more frequent meals will prevent the formation of gas and acidity and thereby reduce bloating in pregnancyc

Bloating During Pregnancy
Bloating During Pregnancy
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