Relief from Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common phenomenon among pregnant women and almost every woman experiences pain and discomfort from time to time during the entire term. Extreme back pain during pregnancy can be relieved with the help of good posture and exercise including massage therapy. Since the body has to cope with extra weight and a different style of walking during pregnancy, back pain during early pregnancy is almost certain.

Moreover, hormones play a very important role in relaxing the muscles and ligaments during pregnancy thus causing back pain during the first trimester. Sharp back pain during pregnancy does not have to be grinned and borne; there are many ways to treat .



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.and prevent back pain during pregnancy with the help of simple at-home strategies in addition to complementary therapiese

Treating Back Pain During Pregnancy

  • Upper back pain during pregnancy can be eased by practicing good posturer As the fetus develops inside the womb, the center of gravity begins to shift forward in a pregnant womana Doing so can strain the muscles in the back that result in back paini It is important to pull the shoulders back and down and walk straight and talll
  • Middle back pain during pregnancy can be relieved by sleeping on either side and not on the back, during resting timese It is important to keep one or both the knees bent while sleeping on one side and placing one below between the knees and another on the stomach can help alleviate back paini
  • When attempting to lift any object, it is important to remember that you squat down and lift with the help of the legsg

    Keep a check on your limits and if it is not possible to lift the object it is always good to ask for helpl
  • If the back pain is too unbearable, it can help to apply heat or cold packs on the backc Alternating between ice and heat packs can help in bringing about relief, while some women experience some comfort with a simple back rubu
  • Simple exercise if performed daily can help in keeping your back strong and may actually bring about relief from back paini With the help of your healthcare provider, indulge in simple exercises that are recommended for you to stay fit and strongn
  • Some women experience comfort and relief with the help of a support beltl A support belt helps in taking off some of the weight from the stomach muscles and the backc
Pregnancy Back Pain
Back Pain During Pregnancy
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