Upper Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Upper abdominal pains are common during a pregnancy and can be very uncomfortable. During pregnancy, the lower abdomen goes through several changes to accommodate the changing size of the uterus and this could lead to lower abdominal pain. This pain and discomfort can be an indicator of a number of problems.

These problems may or may not be directly related to the pregnancy and the nature of the pain may determine further treatment. In any case, abdominal pains can be caused by serious conditions and it is advisable to seek medical guidance immediately. If your pain occurs frequently and lasts for a long time, then you should visit your doctor immediately.


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Abdominal Pain In Pregnancy

The excess of hormones in the body that are produced as a result of pregnancy tend to slow down the digestive process. This results in several digestive disorders that cause upper abdominal pain during pregnancy. One of the most common digestive disorders that cause abdominal pain is constipation. The slow movement of the bowels during pregnancy may result in an upper right abdominal pain during pregnancy and sometimes also causes lower abdominal pain. Soaking in a warm bath or even regular exercise will help relieve pain caused by constipation.

Causes of Upper abdominal pain when pregnant

Another digestive disorder that could cause upper right abdominal pain during pregnancy is gastritis. Gastritis, caused by consuming foods that contain a high level of spice, caffeine or other stomach irritants, causes the inflammation of the stomach lining. This condition may cause a sharp pain in the central and upper right abdominal region. Acidity and gastritis can be controlled through certain dietary regiments and this may help relieve abdominal pain during pregnancy. Hiatus hernia is another possible cause for upper right abdominal pain during pregnancy.

This condition occurs when there is an opening that is abnormal in the diaphragm and the stomach passes through this from the abdomen and moves into the chest. This may cause the stomach to become squeezed or even twisted and this gives rise to upper abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

A stone in the gallbladder could also lead to an upper right abdominal pain during a pregnancy. This pain is like cramps in the upper abdominal region and occurs mainly after consuming fatty foods. If these cramps are accompanied by vomiting or a fever, then you should contact your doctor immediately. An ectopic pregnancy could result in upper abdominal pain during early pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when there is an implantation of the fetus outside the uterus. The fetus may start to grow either along a fallopian tube or sometimes even in the abdominal cavity. This ruptures the surrounding structures and leads to upper abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Upper abdominal pain In pregnancy
Upper abdominal pain during pregnancy
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