What kind of exercise is safe during pregnancy?

(November 23, 2011)

Along with advice about what to eat during pregnancy, doctors will always prod you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Exercising regularly during your pregnancy will help maintain weight and reduce some of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. Each pregnancy is different and therefore it is better to ask your doctor about the kind of exercises you can engage in during your pregnancy.

A regular regimen of safe exercise during pregnancy can be tremendously beneficial for you. It not only improves your posture but also helps in alleviating backaches, morning sickness and fatigue. It is also believed to help in preventing gestational diabetes, relieve stress and increase stamina during labor. It has been discovered that exercise is beneficial for your little infant as well. You provide your child a healthy life, if you exercise regularly during your pregnancy. Studies have suggested that your kid will be able to better deal with stress, will have advanced neurological maturity, and better health.

Practicing safe exercise during pregnancy first trimester is extremely important, to avoid any complications. You have to be cautious not only about the exercises you do, but also the technique you follow. Given below are workout forms that are regarded as safe exercise during early pregnancy:

  • Walking: Aerobic exercises like walking are extremely safe during early pregnancy. Be careful not to overheat your body by walking too briskly or for long in hot and humid weather.
  • Swimming: Most pregnant women enjoy this exercise, as it helps them relax, without putting too much strain on their body. A 20 minute session, three times a week can be quite adequate during your fist trimester.
  • Yoga: Many prenatal classes have now introduced yoga for pregnant women, as this ancient practice helps them relax and overcome several different problems. Pregnant women can benefit considerably, with the help of certain yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation. Make sure, however, that you exercise under supervision and guidance. If certain postures make you uncomfortable, it is best to avoid them.
  • Kegel Exercises: This form of exercise is excellent for strengthening your pelvic muscles. Generally abdominal exercise during pregnancy is not advised. After you have become accustomed to doing the Kegel exercises, however, you can graduate to doing certain abdominal exercises that are very safe, like Standing Pelvic Tilt, Hip Hiking, Abdominal Curl Up and Pelvic Tilt with Heel Standing.

Make sure that not to engage in any kind of strenuous activity when you are pregnant. You need to exercise in moderation and indulge in only low impact exercises so as not to increase your heart rate beyond 140 beats per minute.

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