Is it Safe to get a Facial During Pregnancy?

(October 14, 2011)

The question of whether it is safe to get a facial during pregnancy depends on the type of facial you want to get. If you are considering a facial that uses techniques like dermabrasion or galvanic currents, it is best to wait until after the pregnancy. The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, therefore, any kind of pulling or tugging actions on facial skin can cause skin damage. Ask your beautician to be as gentle as possible while giving you a facial during pregnancy. In many cases, pregnancy causes changes in the skin such as discoloration and even visibility of blood vessels, which cannot be corrected with a mere facial. These changes will only subside after childbirth or might continue as long as you breastfeed. Be aware of the kind of products used on your skin, so that you ensure the safety of your developing baby. Most cosmetic products used during facials contain chemicals, which get absorbed into the skin and could harm your baby. Many creams, lotions, moisturizers and other facial applications contain chemicals like salicylic acid and retinoids that are a strict no-no for expectant mothers. High doses of these chemicals can cause birth defects in the child and lead to other complications in the pregnancy.

 Many pregnant women feel that soy based facial products and lotions are safe to use during pregnancy. However, in many cases, these products can worsen facial changes during pregnancy, such as a pregnancy mask (dark patches on the face). Soy contains estrogenic properties, which can make these patches look worse. Pregnant women who suffer from a pregnancy mask should therefore completely avoid such natural soy based products in a facial during pregnancy. Although basic facials are safe during pregnancy, their effects may vary because of the various hormonal changes caused in pregnancy. For example, if a facial has previously helped minimize acne or dark spots on your face, during pregnancy the same facial may not show many positive results. It is therefore very important to get facial treatments done from someone who is well versed in doing facials for expectant mothers. Women who suffer from morning sickness should avoid herbal facials as the strong aromas could worsen their sickness. It is therefore always better to consult your gynecologist before getting any type of facial treatments done, so that you can avoid the harmful side effects of such facials for yourself as well as your baby.

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