Waxing in Pregnancy: Quick Method for Hair Removal

Hair seems thicker, stretch marks appear, and freckles frighteningly emerge when you are pregnant. It is due to fluctuations in hormonal levels that pregnant woman observe and experience physical and behavioral changes. Increase in the production of androgens or sex hormones trigger more hair growth from the first trimester itself.

This unwanted body hair often annoys and causes embarrassment to pregnant women. When thinking about waxing during pregnancy, the woman is always fearful and perplexed.


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Hair Removal in Pregnancy

The fear of it causing harmful effects to her sensitive skin dissuades her from the idea. You can, however, start waxing during your pregnancy from the first trimester. To be on the safer side, it is best to consult your doctor before waxing unwanted hair at home or in a salon. Some women may become more sensitive, or in some cases, intolerant to pain during waxing, specific lotions, and even particular smells during their pregnancy. Their skin too might erupt in blisters and blotches because of several hormonal imbalances in the body.

Waxing is generally a very safe method of getting rid of unwanted hair. As the skin tends to be more delicate and softer during this period, a soothing antiseptic skin lotion applied on the area both before and after waxing should alleviate the stinging or burning feeling. Waxing the stomach during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester or in the early months, should not be a problem. However, towards the later trimesters, waxing the belly (at home on your own) during pregnancy could be inconvenient as you may not be able to see or reach the parts that need to be waxed. Of course, that doesn’t mean one has to put up with ungainly and unwanted hair. A visit to a beauty salon is the ideal way to just put up one’s feet up and surrender to some much needed pampering. Just make sure that the salon is clean and offers good professional service.

Hair growth is generally denser during pregnancy due to hormones and more blood flow. You may experience more hair on your face, underarms, stomach, genital area, and legs too.

As your stomach gets more distended towards the advanced stages of pregnancy, the abdominal skin becomes more tender and sensitive. So you will feel more pain during waxing. You may also see blotches on the skin as the minute blood vessels or veins get punctured or broken during waxing. This is not a cause of great concern though, as it is temporary. In the case of bikini waxing during your pregnancy, it is preferable to get your waxing done by trained professionals in a good salon or spa at this point. Bikini line waxing will certainly be more painful and uncomfortable during this period. Just make sure that the salon staff know about your delicate condition and offer the appropriate precautions and care.

The skin tends to become more tender and sensitive during pregnancy. Therefore, do not be harsh on your skin. Too much pressure, such as tugging and pulling the skin, is not advisable. Facial waxing during pregnancy is quite safe. Just make sure to go in for a good safe brand of cold wax and read the instructions carefully. Like facial waxing, eyebrow waxing during pregnancy is very safe. As the skin is more sensitive because of more blood supply during pregnancy, it is advisable to be gentle while undergoing the procedure.

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